The Ninja Warrior is one of those athletic obstacle course shows where very fit people race the course against the clock and try and beat each other’s times. The U.S. version has lots of rah-rah hype and yelling OMG kind of stuff. The various versions around the world are similar in format but maybe with less rah-rah hype.

Those crazy Europeans have done it again. I’m not sure if this was a publicity stunt because I’m pretty sure there was something similar in the U.S. version. Unlike the U.S. streaker on the show, this European nude ninja warrior doesn’t have the crazy amount of pixelation. Just enough to cover the guy’s modesty which he clearly wasn’t worried about. It’s interesting to note that there are all kinds of spectators including children and no parents are covering eyes or causing a fuss. People are having a laugh and encouraging the streaker to keep going. Amen.

Maybe this entire show should be nude.