Yesterday I found myself chatting to a model in Germany that I’d met on modelmayhem. We added each other on Facebook thinking I’ll be in Berlin next year hopefully and we can collaborate. He has two profiles on Model Mayhem. One is more mainstream and the other is more graphic. He has an enormous and beautiful cock and loves to show it off.

He started talking dirty and talking about how he loves being watched and showing off and people worshipping how big his cock is. As the talk went on it was evident that most of his sexual kicks were based around everyone loving his massive cock.

Now I love seeing a massive cock wandering around and sure, they are fun to have some fun with but if the sex is all about that big cock and you reassuring their delicate ego that yes you acknowledge its enormity and love it, then I’m going to lose interest pretty fast. Sex is something between two or more people to enjoy each other. A woman I used to work with used to joke that “the ugly guys try harder” and she’s right. If you throw two of us regular guys into bed together then there is a mutual appreciation and a lot of fun. Those guys that think they are special either in the looks or the cock department and just lie there and let you do all the work are just a bit of a yawn.