Yesterday I reblogged a video of an exceptionally sexy and VERY well hung guy in a shower on tumblr asking if anyone could enlighten me on who it was. It turns out the guy is “Tim K” on Pumpingmuscle. He is the guy in the middle photo above. He does a 90 minute video that starts out like a documentary posing and talking about bodybuilding. Then it gets sexier when the camera man starts touching his muscles. In the short version of the video that I saw “Tim” is initially hiding his cock from the camera but later on is jacking it off in the shower.

On Bananablog I read a little bit about him and their review said that in the full video it felt like he was being coerced into getting hard and jacking off. After another tumblr follower sent a few more links to forums and videos etc it is rumoured that he is going to become a Sean Cody model and has done some more videos so it looks like he’s on board with the whole thing after all.

I was relieved when I read that as there are so many guys being coerced into showing more skin than they are prepared to do or going further than initially expected. As a photographer of male nudes I can see the appeal in getting guys to go further. It’s great when a model is prepared to show whatever you want. There  is a lot more freedom in that than a shy model but sometimes a shy model produces some beautiful results and forces you to be creative within their limits. Let’s face it, we’ve all heard a lot of stories of creepy photographers taking advantage of people’s desire to be a model. I’d like to think I don’t have that reputation.