With at least 15 months until I go to Europe next year I haven’t booked anything and am a long way off booking anything. Half of the fun of a big adventure is planning it and having it to look forward to. Having a big holiday in Europe to look forward to means that when I’m on my lunch break at work I’ve started doing research about what to do and where to go.

Thanks to those of you who gave me suggestions on Greece. I threw out a suggestion to a close mate of mine that he should come and meet me in Greece and we should do another Saltyboys nude sailing trip. He thinks it’s a great idea. We’ve both done Saltyboys trips before, me in Croatia and him in the Whitsunday Islands here in Australia.

This afternoon I was reading a post by a guy who had driven himself around Iceland in a camper van for a week and it sounded fantastic and exactly what I had been thinking of doing so I posted the link on Facebook. Putting it out there sometimes really does work. Within half an hour a friend had said “pick me, pick me!” So now we are catching up next week to chat about it.

The danger with getting so excited now means there is a danger of peaking too early. The same thing happened a few years ago when we decided to go back to Burning Man. Countdowns were started (not by me), Facebook groups were created and much enthusiasm was shown. Then it all died down for a while and as the day got closer, the excitement built up again. Europe made me feel so welcome last year that I just can’t wait to go back.

ICELAND from kaco on Vimeo.