Venfield 8 is a photographer who does some pretty sexy work, with series called Candy Ass and Designer Dick where he blends male body parts (you can guess which ones) with designer brand labels and bling.

He’s done a collaboration with Seth Fornea, ginger go-go god. Now Seth has shown his goods before, even doing a jack off video for Colt Studios but this I find even sexier. Can you imagine how awesome it would be to see someone like Seth wandering down the street naked as the day he was born without a care in the world. It’s safe to assume that Seth isn’t shy but my goodness this would take some confidence. He does look amazing though and he’s such a sexy guy in a very non-intimidating way. Of course I don’t know him and I could be wrong but he always has a smile at the ready and he doesn’t look like he’d give you attitude.

Venfield 8 does videos as well but sadly I don’t think there is footage of Seth strutting his stuff down the streets of L.A. with his junk bouncing around