A few weeks ago a guy got in touch on Instagram and offered to model for me. Laria is former U.S. Military and now living with his wife here in Sydney. He’s done a bit of modelling from time to time and loves the process. Of course, looking like he does I jumped at the chance to collaborate with him. He is in amazing shape and is very comfortable in his own skin so doesn’t have many inhibitions. In fact tonight he’s doing two gigs as a waiter for hens nights. One is topless and the other is nude. You could say he’s not shy.

Of course I decided to continue my paper theme for some of the shots that I started with paper planes and the origami birds. There are plans to try again with the origami boats that failed a few months ago, learning from my mistakes. So this morning Laria and I headed to Sydney’s Cobbler’s nude beach and created some great images.

There really aren’t very many black models in Sydney so it was nice to be able to take advantage of the opportunity. We already have plans on two more shoots together that will be totally different to this shoot. It feels so god to have my photography mojo back a little bit.