Two weeks ago, the day after I photographed Tim, I got up at 6am on a Sunday morning to go and do another shoot. Stephane and I had met up to talk about doing a shoot several months earlier but I had procrastinated on finding a location. Eventually I just said let’s do it and I know of a spot that will work.

So I picked up Stephane and his husband Ben before 7am so we could drive the 40 minutes down to the Royal National Park then hike for 20 minutes to the location. It’s the same location I photographed the three guys four years ago for my Freedom exhibition. Since we have had a very dry couple of months before the shoot, there wasn’t as much water as I would have liked but the morning was beautiful and the shoot was a lot of fun.

Getting the chance to photograph a real couple and try and capture their genuine affection was fantastic. I think we managed to capture it. There are still a few images to retouch but the difference in their skin tones, contrasted against the green of the bushland really worked well for me. The boys were also happy to go along with my current obsession of origami so red origami birds it was.

Tomorrow morning I’m up early again to photograph another guy with the early morning light caressing his nude skin. Fingers crossed it goes well.