Those German’s have done it again. This is an ad for what I presume is a fitness app called FitMit. I can’t be sure as when I google it all I get is links to Fitbit activity trackers.

Anyway, back to my main focus of the ad. There’s a cute guy working out nude in the gym. He looks good nude and should stay that way but as he works out, he ends up completely dressed. It seems like a wasted opportunity here. Surely the app makes you fitter and therefore look better nude so he should end up nude and he should have influenced the rest of the gym to end up nude too.

I’ve posted about how much I’d like a nude gym in the past and a few people talked about the issues with practicality. None of them seem insurmountable to me. I don’t run on the treadmill so that’s not an issue for me. There are places in Europe that have nude sessions and there is a nude Personal Trainer in London. Why not here?