Today I drove home after a really nice weekend away with family and family friends that I’ve known for basically my entire life. The younger generation are all growing up into great kids. My nephew is in his second year of high school and it’s doing him well. Watching the kids get more freedom and responsibility every year we go away on this trip is really satisfying.

Sitting around catching up and having a laugh with all the other adults, having some drinks and  shooting the breeze is great. This was a weekend for relaxing.

There is a downside. It’s not a drastic thing but it’s a very real thing. Being the only single one of my generation this year and for the last couple of years (the other single guy from the other family hasn’t been for a couple of years) means that I sleep on a single bed in a room that I share with my nephew and the nine year old son of family friends. They are great kids as I’ve said but as a grown single man I’m not used to holding out for four days. In this crowd you never get any time alone.

So tonight I will be having an early night and getting reacquainted with myself thoroughly while perusing tumblr before I go to sleep.