Over the last few years I’ve been taking my Nephew and Niece for adventures for their birthdays instead of giving them gifts that they will forget about in a few weeks. This year I gave my Nephew a 2 hour Stand Up Paddle Board tour of Sydney Harbour. We are booked in to go in a couple of weeks and I’m really looking forward to it. Fingers crossed this new Autumn wet weather disappears for the day that we go.

Booking a SUP tour reminded me that one day I really need to get my butt over to Florida to meet up with Cody and Ryan, the gorgeous gay couple that run Nomadic SUP in Key West. They do a range of different tours including clothing optional tours. Nude in nature makes a lot of sense to me. Apart from sunburn, why would you cover up when you are on the water and out seeing the natural environment?

The guys seem like great guys who are really chilled and love keeping the environment in it’s best health. The benefit of sight seeing by SUP is that you keep yourself in shape as well.

My Nephew and I will definitely be clothed for our tour. Not every aspect of life can be nude it seems.