A few weeks ago I posted about a very sexy guy doing a very sexy aerial straps routine in a show. Just the other day a guy in my circus class and I were talking about sexy routines etc and I suggested that the performer we’d seen should have done a nude routine. We discussed the pros and cons of the idea, keeping in mind that it might not actually be visually appealing having everything flying about unrestrained.

Just today someone sent me this video of Jonathan Fortin doing an aerial straps routine nude. Now I’m not sure it’s a great idea. Firstly the bonkers improvised look of this video doesn’t really work for me at least out of context of the whole show. The lighting really annoys me too. If I was performing something as difficult as straps I’d want the audience to be able to see it!

Lastly I really am not convinced that the nude thing is such a great plan after all. There is a lot of potential for things to be caught that shouldn’t be. I might have to see some more hotties do nude routines before I make up my mind.

Jonathan Fortin Érotisseries 2015 from Jonathan Fortin on Vimeo.