Last week on Facebook I shared a link to a set of photos of a hot Viking looking model. We all know that after going to Copenhagen last year I’m a little obsessed with Scandinavian Viking men. Tim that I photographed last week and Mikael whom I photographed in Copenhagen both commented that I should go back over and shoot the two of them as Vikings. Then I made a joke about the chance of crowd funding such an adventure… but could I?

There have been some pretty wild and overly ambitious kickstarter programs that have made their target money when no one would expect them to. Would funding a photographer to fly around the world photographing beautiful nude men really be that absurd? When you start a crowd-funding program the people backing you get a reward relating to the size of their donation. The rewards could range from image sets, limited prints, books of images all they way up to… who knows. Hell, if people want, they can fly me to wherever they are to do a shoot for them!

Sydney photographer Luke Austin took off around the world a few years ago to photograph men and met his now husband on the first stop. Maybe this would get me a gorgeous naked Viking husband after all? I can dream.