When my Art Director at work found out I’d done a couple of photo shoots over the weekend he asked what I was shooting and said “Was it more of your sexual stuff?” He thinks that the image above and all of my other photography is quite sexual. Really? I would have to disagree. His reasoning is that because a nude figure, whether male or female is the focus and main subject of the image, that it is therefore sexual.

Now, this is a worldly, travelled, intelligent and educated guy. He’s surprised me with comments like this before but this one really baffles me. Is he serious in saying that just because someone is nude, like in countless pieces of art, sculpture and photography over centuries then it is sexual? Thousands of people, if not millions around the world enjoy social nudity and relaxing naked on beaches, in hot springs etc and it’s not sexual.

It’s comments like his that make me realise why people are becoming more prudish in locker rooms and on beaches etc. It’s very sad.