Anthony Callea is an Aussie singer who was discovered in our second season of Australian Idol many years ago. He is only tiny in stature at about 5’2″ but big in voice. He didn’t win Idol but he has has some moderate success but is most likely to be seen at Christmas concerts. Anthony has just wrapped a stint in Australia’s version of “I’m a celebrity get me out of here” coming in fourth place.

Surprisingly for someone who loves a bit of glam and luxury, Anthony loved it. He resigned himself to his situation and had a blast. The best bit for me was how he got on with some of the other celebrities. One was international former cricketer Shane Warne. Another was retired rugby league great Paul Harragon and the other was former bad boy of Aussie Rules Football Brendan Fevola. Those names won’t mean much to my international readers but they are all very blokey, sporting macho guys. They all loved Anthony. The friendship between Anthony and Brendan was incredibly strong. They were goofing around, playing practical jokes, hugging each other, teasing each other and just getting on like brothers.

It gives me real hope when I see the cliched epitome of masculine guys embracing literally and figuratively the epitome of a gay man and not giving a rats arse about it. Everyone in that camp recognised that Anthony’s relationship with his partner Tim is just as legitimate and strong as their relationships. Maybe one day sexuality really won’t be an issue.