Tim is an Aussie guy who lives in Malmo, Sweden. A few years ago he started offering to pose for photographers just as a creative outlet. He doesn’t paint, sing, draw, photograph or dance so he thought why not? Why not indeed? It’s a great approach to have. Tim and I have been chatting on Instagram for a year or more and last year when I visited Copenhagen, Denmark he jumped on a train and came over from Sweden to catch up and have a dinner and meet.

On Friday Tim landed in Australia to visit his family but first he hit Sydney to see it for the first time and do some photoshoots. I happened to be the first one. At 7am yesterday morning (Saturday) I picked him up and we drove to a location I’ve used before for a photo shoot. Tim has worked damn hard with a personal trainer trying to get into shape for the shoots that he’s doing here and while I would never ask a model to do it, he got to about 5% body fat and is RIPPED.

The first shot we set up was the one in the middle above. It is one of those rare images that comes out exactly how you wanted. I hadn’t envisaged the colours or the exact pose but it is exactly the right mood that I set out to achieve. Obviously there is some photoshop trickery involved. There weren’t flocks of paper aeroplanes flying past as we shot, but that would be amazing.

After that setup we did some more shots on the nude beach. Tim had never really been to a nude beach and had never done a real location shoot either and he really enjoyed himself. I was glad to have made his first morning in Sydney a fun one ticking off some “firsts”.

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