My grand plan of doing a fairly big international holiday every two years is something that I’m keen on sticking to and after reacquainting myself with Europe last year I just want to go back and see more of it.

Last year I went to Sitges and Copenhagen, two places I’d already seen as well as Croatia which was magic. Next year I’m thinking of only revisiting one place that I’ve been before. The vague plan is to start with a week driving myself in a campervan around Iceland. Why? More like why not? It looks absolutely stunning and nothing like Australia so that’s plenty of reason. I hear very very good things.

The next stop on my so far hypothetical itinerary is Berlin, a city I visited for a week back in December 2002. It was bloody cold and dark early. I still had a fantastic time and would love to see how vibrant it is in Summer. Also there is the attraction of it being a place where nudity is hardly anything strange with nudist sections in parks and nude nights in bars. So much fun to be had.

The last stop would be about 10 days in Greece. When I lived in London I had plans a couple of times to go to Greece but never made it sadly. A bit of island hopping to see Mykonos and Santorini and maybe somewhere else would be magic. Find all those beautiful spots to enjoy the sun nude while swimming in the Mediterranean and relax. Bliss. It’s a long way off but I’ve already started doing some research. Can’t hurt right? Those 15-16 months will disappear so quickly!