It’s never been particularly cool to admit that you think Zac Efron is hot but let’s face it, he is. Even back in the High School Musical days he was a young twinky pretty boy. Not wildly butch but very attractive. Lusting after Disney stars  is dangerous territory and past a certain point highly inappropriate but Zac has been shedding his Disney image with little-seen movies like Paper Boy with Nicole Kidman.

He has had mixed success and still isn’t known for his amazing acting ability. What he’s known for is his looks and his body which he’s growing into very very nicely. Zac turns 29 later this year (he’s a fellow Libran) and thanks to the wonderful reboot of Baywatch in the form of a movie, we have these hot new images to appreciate his new found manhood and masculinity.

Clearly being in a movie version of Baywatch comes with a certain legacy of visual appeal to live up to and Zac would have had a lot of pressure to be working out and in his best shape, especially starring alongside Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Whatever he’s been doing, it’s working.

Yes this has been a gratuitous perve post.