Out of the blue in the last week or so a bunch of guys in a male strip troupe have individually started following my photography instagram account. Their collective account has followed me as well. Unfortunately they are all based in Melbourne. Hot muscular straight men who are happy taking off their clothes seems like something I would love to be photographing more of. I’m not actually sure of why or how they have started following me but I’m not complaining.

The stipper look isn’t something I want to do lots of, too much body oil and tattoo ink for my tastes but I’m sure they could be persuaded that art shoots is good for their image. It would be a waste if only drunk ladies on hens nights got to admire and appreciate all the hard work they put into their bodies.

Seven years ago I photographed some strippers. One of them is my cheeky model Andy and he and the boys were aiming to start their own troupe but I don’t think it ever got off the ground. They were actually quite modest considering they were strippers.