That headline isn’t about me, just to clarify.

The other night I was having a conversation on scruff with potential shag. He found out I do a bit of photography so he went to look at my photos and came back saying he knew of most of my models. That’s fairly logical. Most of them are Sydney guys and Sydney isn’t that big of a gay scene. It’s what happened next that inspired the headline.

He started bitching about one or two of them that he hadn’t actually met but knew of and started gossiping about how one of them was a gossip. Um? I’m not sure if he saw the irony. He then started making sweeping generalisations that Sydney “faggots” are vile and incestuous and that they are horrible and that is why he’s leaving the country. I pulled him up on the generalisations. He then got offended saying that he didn’t say “all” just everyone he’d come into contact with. Again, Um?

So while he’s not bitter and disgusted by “all” of Sydney’s “vile faggots” he is revolted by all of the one’s he’s met. Mate, good luck with having any better reception anywhere else in the world with that attitude. Look, I know Sydney isn’t always an attitude-free zone and it can be tough to make friends but I would say that applies to the gay scene in a lot of big cities around the world.

We didn’t get to discuss it any further because he decided we clearly weren’t a match and blocked me. He refused to believe me when I had explained that a lot of the gorgeous guys I have photographed may be popular in the gay scene but they are actually really nice guys, most of them very down to earth with their own insecurities and issues.