A couple of weeks ago I had a hookup that was pretty average over all. In the lead up he asked if I was into kissing. The answer to that would be a resounding yes. Personally there are times when I could happy lie around with someone special and just kiss for hours without even thinking about sex. It should be a sport and I would compete well.

This guy was not a good kisser. His technique was to grab the back of my head and try and mash our faces together to create some kind of conjoined twin. When I was chatting to a colleague about it she laughed about it. Then we came up with a theory which is entirely plausible.

What if the people that we’ve thought were terrible kissers were actually good but it was just not a good match? Maybe they thought I was a terrible kisser too. I don’t entirely believe it though. Whenever I’ve talked to friends about what they consider good kissing we all say the same thing. Starting with some light kisses and building up to more passion. No one has described a wide mouth like a whale shark baring down on them as a good thing. Nor have they mentioned mashing faces together as the ideal scenario either.

Anyone got a thought on this?