We’ve all seen dozens of photos over the years of a first kiss between a returning member of the Navy and his wife or girlfriend. It’s a long standing tradition with the lucky guy being drawn in a raffle to get the honour of being the first.

This week the Canadian Navy had a historical moment with that first kiss being a same sex couple. Master Seaman Francis Legare had been at sea for 255 days when he returned to land and was chosen to be the lucky guy who goes ashore first and gets that kiss with his partner Corey Vautour. To be honest, Canada has had same sex marriage and such progressive acceptance of LGBT rights that I thought this might have happened already. These two guys gave the crowd a good passionate first kiss and the crowd was not disappointed. There is not a trace of negativity in the audio in this video. All you can hear is cheering and support and that makes me smile.

I’m not sure if Australia has the same tradition with our returning seamen but I hope we’d have the same response if we do.