There is an old saying which Hollywood seems to be living by of late. “Everything old is new again” and that seems to be a shame. Today I saw online that Mrs Doubtfire is being remade with Seth Rogan in the lead role. Surely not? Someone I know thinks the article was being sarcastic but reading it I couldn’t see any sarcasm.

Another movie that is being remade and probably badly is “Dirty Dancing”. It’s being made for the ABC which I assume means it’s a tv movie? My U.S. readers will probably be able to clarify that for me. I just don’t see the need to remake classic movies. They are never done as well as the original. Sure some classics aren’t all that amazing but they are more cult classics and while Dirty Dancing was never going to win any Oscars it really is a fan favourite and probably shouldn’t be touched.

In the role made famous by Patrick Swaze, Johnny will be played by Colt Prattes. While Colt is referred to as a Broadway veteran I just don’t think he has the “bad boy” edge that Patrick brought to the role. I first came to notice Colt when he was one of three stunning male dancers for the last P!NK tour I saw here a couple of years ago. He is a gorgeous guy and has an absolutely stunning body. For those of you who aren’t aware, enjoy the photos above and the video for P!NK’s “Try” below. Let’s hope the three hour movie they are planning isn’t a complete disaster.