My always-favourite pop princess Kylie Minogue confirmed that she is indeed engaged to her gorgeous man of about 6 months Joshua Sasse. Rumours had been swirling since she’d been seen wearing a big rock on her ring finger and it was announced over the weekend in a traditional engagement notice in the paper.

The two met on the set of Joshua’s show Galavant, which looks to be a little bit bonkers and not entirely serious. Kylie was in a guest role and after watching that one scene that has been floating around, I’m not sure I’d bother watching any more.

Kylie has often been described as unlucky in love but that has always seemed odd to me. Sure, until now she hasn’t met “the one” for life but she’s had some long term relationships with some pretty bloody hot men so I would say she’s done quite nicely for herself. Now she’s gone and bagged herself a very hot man 19 years younger than herself. Congratulations Kylie!