Today I got up early after a night of very restless sleep and drove to Wollongong with a couple of friends and we all flung ourselves out of a perfectly good plane for the first time in our lives. We were each strapped to the front of some very fun skydiving experts to get us back to earth safely.

I wasn’t scared. I love a bit of adrenaline but I did have a lot of extra nervous energy on the way up in the plane, wedged between the thighs of my expert. They give you instructions on how to prepare once you are sitting on the edge of the plane ready to go but that was all unnecessary really as they don’t let you sit there and think about it long enough. Once we were at altitude and over the drop zone the door went up and the first person moved towards the edge with her expert and before she’d even realised she was there, she was gone. And so on it went with all of us.

There was a moments feeling of “what the hell am I doing” as we rolled out of the plane and flipped over but that soon turned to exhilaration as we levelled out and raced smiling in the sunshine towards the clouds which, from above looked all nice and fluffy. Somewhere in the middle of the clouds the parachute opened and we did the more gentle half of the experience.

If you are vaguely interested but not sure, I can HIGHLY recommend it. It was an absolute blast. The photo above is the view out the window of the plane as we went up to jump.