A friend posted this photo of a beautiful, if battered old armchair on his Instagram a few weeks ago. It was a bit of an “ah-ha” moment as Oprah would say. There has been an idea for an ongoing series of photographs germinating in my head that I needed a chair for and this chair is perfect. Sadly, this chair is not entirely real. My friend took a photo of a 3 seater lounge that had been put out on the street and used a reflecting app on his phone and turned it into an armchair.

So my hunt for a beautiful vintage but slightly weathered armchair has begun. I’ve just been to a cool auction place near home that has all sorts of treasures but the furniture is mostly mid-century modern stuff. Ironically they had some cool deer antlers which I had been wanting for my tribal series but never found. Murphy’s law.

The series I want to do is simple. When practical I want to take the armchair on any shoot that I do and do a shot of the model or whoever I’m shooting in/on the armchair in some way. There would be no deadline on the project but the shots would be very varied in style and subject but with the common theme of the armchair. I just need to find one now.