Today I had a conversation with the lovely Mikael who I was lucky enough to photograph in Copenhagen last year. We had a lengthy conversation about attitudes towards nudity. He’s as comfortable with nudity as I am which for that part of the world, is perfectly normal. We were talking about the fact that communal showers are still very common in Denmark and that progressed to conversations about social nudity and nude beaches etc.

I mentioned that here in Australia, and I understand it to be the same in the U.K. and the U.S. if you mention that you go to nude beaches or nude camping etc you still get a funny look and a joke about getting sunburnt somewhere sensitive. Can’t we evolve a bit now? Mikael said that mentioning you go nude at the beach etc doesn’t even warrant a comment in Scandinavia because everyone is raised believing that it’s perfectly normal and healthy, which it is.

So how did we end up like this? At first when I started thinking about it I put it down to religion but that can’t be it. Australia isn’t a wildly religious country and lots of parts of Europe that are strongly religious, like Spain and Croatia are absolutely fine with nudity. It’s always fascinated me that regions of the world can be so similar in some ways but so different in others. Let’s get nude and talk about it.

Men of Scandinavia Calender 2013 – Franz Fleissner from Franz Fleissner Photography on Vimeo.