There is a guy I follow on Instagram who is obviously a nudie like me. He’s a fair bit younger and also lives in San Diego. He, another friend and myself have all been chatting from time to time. It was clear that this guy had quite a few nudie mates from photos of groups together by the pool or at the beach but tonight he’s posted a photo from their day at Blacks Beach in San Diego that takes it up a notch.

In the photo there are 37 guys all lined up nude along the beach. Because it’s on Instagram they are all facing away from the camera but it’s a pretty cool sight to see 37 guys all in a line naked in the sunshine. It turns out they are part of a nude social group in SoCal. There is no indication or mention of sexuality but it really doesn’t matter. The most guys we’ve ever managed to get together for a nude drinks night here amongst my network is 10-12 and usually a lot less.

Imagine having 36 friends with you hanging out nude at the beach. All the nude beaches in Sydney are quite small though, 37 friends would fill it right up.