Yesterday I was walking up my street to the shops and within a hundred metres or so I heard three different languages and it made me smile. Whenever I go travelling and I hear lots of different languages being spoken it makes me smile. Firstly because I’m travelling and obviously on holiday which always makes me smile. Secondly because it reminds me that there are so many people in this world and so much else is going on so whatever might be bothering me is put into perspective.

Hearing lots of languages here in Australia makes me smile too because we have a hugely multi-cultural population here which has only made Australia better. It also reminds me of the times when I am travelling. Again, awesome.

When I was walking up the road yesterday though it got me thinking of those people you see in youtube videos telling immigrants to speak Australian because “we were here first” and they should fit in or fuck off back to where they came from. Uh, no actually. We white Australians were not first. We were about 40,000 years too late to that party. When these people feel so threatened by someone speaking a different language I’m guessing they are realising how small a part of the world they are too and how much more there is to the world that doesn’t even know their ignorant little brain exists and it scares the hell out of them.

That is just my thoughts on the subject.