Last night a few of us from my circus school went to see a show called Blanc De Blanc at the Sydney Opera House. The show was a seriously funny cabaraet/burlesque show with lots of cheeky naughtiness. At one point one of the female cast members was doing a headstand wearing very very little and another cast member comes along and puts something into her butt which then fired out fireworks. Later on in the show she pulled a maraca out of her vagina and started dancing around shaking it.

What is it about skinny guys that they have big wangs? Do their penises steal all the nutrients from the rest of their bodies? One of the guys in the show is a skinny goofy guy and a great performer. At one point he is completely nude and he certainly had the equipment for it.

There were elements of circus in the show but not a lot. A couple of them were a bit so-so but that’s one of the disadvantages of seeing circus as a circus student. It takes a little bit  more to impress us. The two acts in question needed a bit more polish to them. The third and final circus element of the show was bloody fantastic. The performer, Jerome Sordillon does a spectacular straps routine out of a spa bath in the centre of the room and showed such strength and control it really impressed all of us. He was doing things that I’ve never seen in a straps routine and that’s tough after watching many many routines.

The routine below isn’t the one from Blanc De Blanc but it shows how good he is and how damned sexy he is too. He was definitely my highlight of the show.