A few weeks ago I met a guy for a beer and at one point he said he went on an international trip for the first time at the age of 40 when he went to Europe to meet up with friends. I’ve been lucky enough to go overseas several times and the first time I needed a passport wasn’t a big trip but it was at the age of 18. I think there are benefits of travelling internationally for the first time when you are younger. You are a bit more naive and therefore go into it with less hangups or reservations. Sadly for what ever reason, be it financial or other commitments, lots of people don’t get to travel at all or don’t get to start til later in life.

This guy told me that he was on the plane for that trip and sitting in his seat telling himself “just make the most of it”. What? If I’m going to a far flung destination my thoughts are not “making the most of it”. I feel excited, a little nervous but thrilled at the idea of experiencing new things. People told me I was brave for going on a gay sailing trip by myself last year without knowing anyone and also for traipsing around Europe by myself. Maybe but as I said to those people, if I didn’t go alone I’d never go anywhere. As a chronically single guy sometimes it’s the only option. It also gives you the complete freedom to have the holiday you want without having to compromise. Selfish but true.

This video to me sums up the thrills of travelling. Sure, I have never gone skinnydipping in a waterhole with a bunch of strangers that I met in a hostel but I know for damn sure I would. Travel is all about making spontaneous decisions and taking chances. Trust your gut instinct on whether or not to do something or trust someone but getting slightly out of your comfort zone is part of the fun!

Hostelworld 'Skinny Dip' from Sacha Szwarc on Vimeo.