My training has been lacklustre to say the least of late, even though I’ve managed to get myself to the gym 3-4 times per week I’m just not training hard enough. I think in general I’m going through a bit of a flat phase, not feeling great about myself.

After watching this video today I need to slap that shit right out of my head. These people were filmed at gyms around Rio and they are a complete inspiration. It’s not uncommon for people who have suffered major trauma or adversity to come out stronger but I would guess a lot more don’t make as much of the shake up as these people. I hate running at all and loathe a treadmill. Even with two fully functioning legs I don’t run anywhere near as fast as the guy who breaks a gym record.

Nor do I lift anything like a barbell with 60kg on either end of it like the little guy. I won’t even speculate on how badly the martial artist would kick my arse regardless of the fact that she’s blind. These athletes are pure inspiration. Love it.