Shaun Ross is a model that has been making waves in the modelling world for a couple of years now. He’s renowned as the first professional Albino model and he has a very distinct look that I’m sure polarises people. Shaun, who turns 25 this year, strikes me as one of those people that is just cool without even trying. Living in New York Shaun also is a talented dancer who Vogues in the underground scene.

Shaun has been all over the internet this week. Three different people have sent me the link to the music video for “Dust” by the group called Braves. It’s a single shot video, in black and white. At first it’s just a wave breaking on the shore that goes forwards and backwards for a little while before you see Shaun’s character emerge from the foam of the breaking waves. As the video progresses, it becomes obvious that Shaun is nude and in the last moments of the video you’ll be left gobsmacked. The appendage that is bouncing around goes more than half way to his knee.

TMZ has reported however that the impressive appendage is indeed a prosthetic used for the video. I’m not sure how much of a following the Braves have, but this is certainly one way to get attention to a new song.