Why is it that some days we are just out of sorts? I’ve had a lovely morning at the nude beach despite some patchy clouds threatening to ruin it. I’ve come home and am enjoying a really relaxing day before going to celebrate a friend’s birthday this afternoon/evening. So why am I in a grumpy mood?

I had a good night’s sleep and nothing has happened to make me grumpy, but I am. I think it’s just going to be one of those days where I suck it up. Once I’m out at my friend’s birthday this evening all will be fine. We’ll be by Sydney Harbour which is always good for lifting spirits.

Oddly enough, with the new role at work and a fairly busy day and week ahead, I’m actually looking forward to work. The mood has changed considerably there this year and it’s a fun place to go now. My boss has made comments that suggest he is happy with how I’m stepping up to the new role and he said very positive things to a colleague who told me as well.

Something is out of whack when a morning nude in the sun leaves me grumpy but thinking about work makes me smile.

SPACE from gnarly bay on Vimeo.