A couple of weeks ago when I went to the travel agent to book my flights to Bali, there were only two people working in there at the time and the one that was free to help me was a very good looking young guy in his mid/late 20’s. He was one of those guys that almost takes a run-up for a hand shake, pulling his hand back almost behind him before driving forward and giving you a really strong handshake. Now I like a strong handshake but trying to prove how macho your hand shake is feels a bit unnecessary to me.

We went through the options on flights for the days I want to arrive and leave and got it all sorted. He asked what was taking me to Bali and I told him it was a friend’s 40th and there were a bunch of us going. He asked if it was all guys going and gave a chuckle when I said yes. He clearly thought it was a bunch of single straight guys going to be rowdy, get drunk and try and shag as many women as possible. Um, no. That’s not us sunshine. More like two gay couples and a single gay.

There are two options to explain his perception that I can see. Either I was looking butch with my stubbly beard and shaved head situation or he has just no trace of any gaydar. Either way it made me laugh.