A while ago I resolved that if I can’t afford to buy a house/apartment in Sydney (and who can, especially while single) then I was going to plan on doing an international holiday every two years and in the alternate years I’d go on a domestic holiday. Since I had the immense fun of going to Europe last year I was budgeting on a domestic trip this year. That was until just over a month ago.

One of my good friends from a different state of Australia is turning 40 and decided that he wanted to go to Bali for his 40th. At this stage there are 5 of us going in 3.5 months for a week in the tropical sun in Indonesia. Bali has never really appealed to me generally but anywhere I get to spend time with these guys who are such good friends, is a good place to be.

It does mean that I probably won’t be doing the domestic holiday that I had been thinking of later in the year but these things happen. It will be starting to get quite chilly in Sydney in late May when we go so lying naked by a private pool in a villa with a cocktail catching up with good friends will be a lovely change of pace.