Yesterday was my first chance to go to the beach and get my gear off for a few weeks. On the rare weekend days that we’ve had good weather I’ve had other plans so when I realised the weather was going to be good I hit the road early and was naked in the sunshine by 9.30.

Typically the beach I go to is mostly nude in the morning but by the afternoon more and more non-nudies turn up. Today the beach was unusually crowded quite early and there were lots of non-nudies. Obviously they don’t care about us nudies or they wouldn’t go there. There was also an unusually high number of women there with other female friends. Some nude, some not.

Yesterday they number of people in general on the beach made it less comfortable, especially as the tide was coming in. Little Congwong is not a big beach and at high tide it can become a very very small beach indeed. When it’s crowded that becomes a very awkward situation.

After a few hours there I was getting hungry and the number of non-nudies was reaching a tipping point for me where it starts to become less comfortable being nude. Up to 50/50 I’m fine but when I’m in the minority, I’m not a fan. It was still great to get my gear off in the sun for a while.

The photo above was taken when I first arrived before it got busy.