Last week I caught up with a friend and in a very meandering, interesting conversation he told me about a phenomenon called Financial Dominatrix. Basically these are people (mostly women) who get sent money by wealthy men, or even sometimes take financial control of these men spending up big on their credit cards.

Like most men that use dominatrix, these guys are powerful guys who are always in control and this for them is a way of giving up and relinquishing that control. The article mentioned the fact that these women (I’ve heard of this happening in the gay world too) don’t even have to meet these men, they just get money. How on earth does someone stumble into this? I’m pretty sure there are websites out there.

While I’m not sure I could actually do something like this, if someone decided to just buy me a house, then who am I to say no? Right?

Once again, human psychology at it’s most fascinating and bizarre.