This video is a gorgeous video about a man’s relationship with his father and also the importance of saving those natural beautiful places that we hold dear.

I’ve been thinking more and more about my relationship with my father as my parents edge towards their 70’s. My grandparents are all gone now and I watch my parents age and wonder how long I’ll have them. Thankfully at this stage there are no real signs of them going anywhere for a while and my family tends to hang around for quite some time.

This film starts with a son reciting something his father wrote the day he was born. I can’t relate to having anything like that. My father is more of a traditional old-school guy who doesn’t talk about his feelings. Generally speaking my family isn’t big on emotional talk etc but we get on like a house on fire and we really do love each other.

I’m sharing this film and will be sharing others from time to time, because I think it has a great message as well as being beautiful. Enjoy.

THE IMPORTANT PLACES. from gnarly bay on Vimeo.