What is it about exes that they can sometimes go a bit mad? I have only a handful of exes from my years in the relationship world. The last guy I dated and I still get on well even if we don’t really see each other much at all.

I posted after my holiday in Europe last year about the weird encounter with my ex of 16 years ago who was the bonkers one that harrassed me after we broke up. Thankfully I’ve only run into that lunatic every few years briefly and I don’t have to deal with him generally speaking.

Tonight I caught up with a friend who has had some very odd encounters with his ex. They were together for 6 months about 6 years ago but even now the ex will walk past a row of empty treadmills at the gym and get on the one next to my friend. When they broke up the guy would find all of my mate’s friends on Grindr and message them but then accuse my friend of stalking him.

Now I understand that mental health plays a very real part in issues like this but I really can’t understand torturing yourself by ignoring your ex at the gym but working out next to him. Surely that’s hurting yourself more than it’s proving a point to your ex.

Clearly I’m no expert at relationships but when I’ve been dumped it may really hurt and I may miss them but I don’t want to be around someone that doesn’t want to be around me. We’ve all been made to act a little crazy in or after a relationship but let’s just keep that crazy to an accepted public level shall we?