Every year in Australia we celebrate Australia Day on January 26. Today as we celebrate again, as proud as I am of being an Australian, we need to fix some things.

Every year at this time there is a push to ditch the Monarchy and become a republic. For me there is no real point. It won’t achieve anything politically as it’s not enough of an issue with enough people to spend that kind of absurd money to change something that isn’t crucial. There is usually calls to change the flag so that even if we don’t ditch the monarchy we don’t have the British flag in the corner of our flag which I do agree with. The third topic that comes up is our treatment of our Indigenous, traditional land owners.

Australian indigenous people are expected to live ten years less than white Australians. They are more likely to end up in jail than finish school and fourteen times as likely to end up in jail than white Australians. White Australians often say “they should just get jobs instead of expecting a handout.” Really? There is a pretty good percentage of white Aussies on welfare too lazy to get a job. When the white settlers came to Australia we stole the indigenous children, raped and killed the women and forced anyone not dead into serving the white people. This is not something to be proud of.

The speech below is by a journalist, Stan Grant and it was filmed a few months ago but it has just gone online and been heralded as Australia’s version of Martin Luther King’s speech. I knew we had not been good to the traditional land owners but it’s speeches like this one that open my eyes and make me want to do more to help, instead of sitting back and judging.

So when you celebrate Australia Day today, which is always great, take the time to reflect on the past as well as celebrate the now and look ahead.