Role play is not something I’ve ever really explored in sex and to be honest the idea doesn’t do a lot for me. I like my sex to be based on an an equal footing. Dom/sub stuff does absolutely nothing for me and if someone tries to face fuck me while I’m giving them a blow job I’m as likely to throw up on them from gagging or bite their cock off.

Today I had a new experience. I’ve had young guys hit on me before and it’s happened more and more since I hit my late 30’s and entered my 40’s. This guy and I had been chatting sporadically on Scruff for a week or so and today we were both online and in the mood at the same time so he came over. He asked what I was into and I asked the same in return. He said straight away he was into Daddy/Son role play. From there he almost exclusively called me Daddy.

I thought to myself, this can’t hurt so I joined in calling him Son etc. There was a bit of dirty talk through the encounter which was only a quick visit as he had places to go. At one point he said something about next time Daddy “incest fucking” him. That one made me baulk a little bit. For a long time it’s been my opinion that we are sexually imprinted at a fairly young age. The guys I was around as a kid/teenager, ie surfers and swimmers are still the guys I tend to go for most. Does that translate into fantasy play? Not exclusively of course but it did cross my mind today whether this guy had some unexplored daddy issues. It’s not like he’d be the first that I’ve encountered.