I’ve posted about the gorgeous Kim before but I thought he was worth sharing again. Kim is an Aussie living with his husband in NYC performing exquisitely bonkers cabaret in the old school, creative style singing in Kylie Minogue covers in German and a whole bunch of other cool styles. Kim is also a prolific model. He’s not your typical beefcake model that a lot of photographers are shooting. There’s nothing wrong with that at all. I shoot beefcake and those guys are fun to shoot, but Kim has a look that is from a bygone era. He could be a propaganda posterboy for the First World War or an artists muse from the 1920’s.

Kim and I have spoken online and one day, when he’s back in Australia visiting we aim to collaborate on some gorgeous images. Mr Smith is very comfortable nude as you can see and no doubt I will photograph him just as nude, but if he ever breaks into the big time as a singer I can see him in a beautiful Burberry campaign or something as gorgeous.

Head on over to Kim’s Instagram and drink in his beauty.