Dear Facebook,

I realise that you are the Goliath to my David and my chances of making any impact are miniscule but I have something to say. Facebook has changed the way the world interacts, sometimes for the better, sometimes for worse. You’ve created a way for far flung friends to stay in touch but you’ve created ways for idiots to spread their propaganda.

Your community guidelines are troubling me. Myself and several of my friends have received bans from Facebook for varying amounts of time for showing slightly too much skin. The photo that goes with this post, a photo of a beautiful man that I photographed myself, showing a discreet naked bum, was removed from the site and others, similarly tasteful and discreet nudes have earned me a ban for three days in the past. Breastfeeding women have felt your judgement and unnecessary sexualisation. Nudity warnings are aplenty and regularly held up.

Yesterday I reported a video of a man, trying to prove to the world and likely himself that he is indeed a tough masculine man, by biting the head off a live rat and eating it. The camera was sure to show the head in his mouth to prove his immeasurable awesomeness. Sadly, Facebook deemed that this video showing explicit animal cruelty and almost certainly an illegal act, was not in breach of the community guidelines.

If your community guidelines teach us that the nude body presented tastefully and artistically is more offensive than animal cruelty and violence then I’m not sure it’s a community that is destined for greatness or even good. The human body should be celebrated. Stupidity and violence should be censored.