Tonight was the first night back at circus school for 2016. At the start of the year and even through the year at the start of various terms you see new faces. A lot of people come for a while and then drift off. There are a few people that really take to it all and come back for years. Not everyone progresses. Tonight there were a handful of new faces in the crowd including one guy that didn’t look like he’d done a lot of exercise in his life. That’s the beauty of circus. A lot of people find running or the gym really tedious or intimidating but circus class you get to dangle from the roof and challenge yourself in ways that are way more fun than lifting things up and down.

For a while now the warm up has been cheesy dance music and all of us doing quite uncoordinated aerobics. I can keep to the beat but I get tangled up doing the moves very easily. The new guy had no rhythm whatsoever and was all over the place but he had a massive grin on his face. He also had some really cool tights.

Sometimes you see people like him go from having a bit of a belly to toning up and really improving their fitness. Even if that doesn’t happen it’s great fun to see people discovering the joys (and pain) of circus.