This weekend I had a fantastic weekend camping for two nights with some friends. One was a mate that I hang out with naked a lot and have fooled around with from time to time. Another was a guy that I had met hooking up several years ago now. Let’s call him Mr X. We haven’t had any sexual interaction in years but have remained friends and have been to the nude beach etc several times. The fourth and final member of our group was the Mr X’s boyfriend of a couple of years. They are very happy together and from an outsiders perspective it is great to see someone treating Mr X with love, loyalty and like an equal. He’s been involved with some guys that have treated him like shit over the years.

Mr X and his boyfriend Mr Y are both rather well endowed young men. I’d not seen Mr Y nude before. I’m not sure where he sits on the scale from grower to shower but let’s just say he doesn’t need to grow a lot.

Most of the clientele at River Island are in the middle aged and up category. Most of them fitting the clichéd nudist image of overweight but very happy and comfortable crowd. A lot of the guys would be hard pressed to remember the last time they saw their own genitals without the use of a mirror. Some of them had smaller than average cocks but didn’t let that stop them enjoying their nakedness. Exactly as it should be.

The fascinating thing I noticed about myself was that, being possibly the “smallest” of our group I was comparing myself to Mr X and Mr Y and my other mate and feeling a touch self conscious when in reality there were a lot more guys who were smaller than me who I didn’t compare myself to. Why do we compare ourselves to the minority at the top of the tree rather than realising we are just fine in the overall scheme of things?