Sometimes it’s really fun to have your perception of someone shaken up. There is a guy that works somewhere near me that did that today. We have seen each other often enough when out getting lunches to say hi. He seems like a really nice guy and I had him pegged as that guy that would make someone a great, loyal boyfriend. He’s not wildly attractive but certainly not unattractive. His style is quite conservative and he gives me the impression that he wouldn’t ever hurt you but he’d never really excite you either. Of course, this is all from just seeing him in the street but I’m far from the only person that makes assumptions about people or makes up an imaginary back story for who that person is and what they do. He always throws in a wink with a smile which is part of the reason that I assume he’s gay.

This morning that went out the window. Before work every day I grab a coffee at the cafe across the road and he was there finishing breakfast with a woman, sitting outside. As they stood up, she gave him a sexy pat on the butt as they walked away. Now I have lots of female friends that I eat out with but it’d be very rare to catch up with a friend for a breakfast before work and none of my female friends give me a sexy butt pat unless we are out and tipsy.

Thank you sir for shaking up my perceptions. It keeps me on my toes.