So apparently last night’s post, while intended to be a sarcastic post, missed the mark. I’ve had a few comments basically telling me I’m a bit of an arsehole. In no way was last night’s post intended to “take a hot steaming dump on someone else’s happiness”. I fully realise that gay men are not all stylish and amazing. I’m in the very large proportion of gay men that are normal, average guys. When I blog sometimes I clearly don’t get the tone right. It’s responses like the ones I had to last night’s post that make me wonder if my time blogging may be at an end.

To the commenter that said your partner proposed on a bench where you met with an ice-cream, that sounds bloody marvellous to me. That’s why I don’t get the flash mob, big production proposal. For me it should be about the two of you and very personal and meaningful. I’ve seen some great videos online of surprise proposals, some of them in front of huge crowds but the situation and moment was all tied to the two people involved, not done for youtube likes and views.

The guy being proposed to in last night’s video clearly loved the moment and I’m sorry if people thought that I was demeaning their moment. That wasn’t the plan. I’m a chronically single man who would love someone special to want to spend their life with me. Who the hell am I to turn any proposal down? The post last night was intended to be light hearted. Clearly that didn’t come across.