There is a video going around today about yet another flash mob gay marriage proposal. I thought gay men were supposed to be leaders in all things cool, stylish and socially relevant? Flash mobs were cool and some of them really clever but that stopped being the case about 4-5 years ago yet we are still seeing people being flash-mob-proposed-to in the early part of 2016. When did we lose our stylish-gay way? This video (below) along with a bunch of others confirms my thoughts that Bruno Mars has a lot to answer to for his song “Marry You” because it has been DONE TO DEATH.

I’m a bit concerned that all these people are more interested in having a viral video than a special romantic moment between them and their partner. I realise that beggars can’t be choosers and if I’m ever lucky enough to have someone proposing to me then I should say yes. I’m not sure that’s going to happen. If I am ever out in public and a bunch of strangers start dancing at me, especially if I hear that damned Bruno Mars song, then my partner will get a sharp slap and a firm no. I’m a sucker for romance but a firm believer in the proposal reflecting both parties involved and being a private affair. So if someone flash-mob-proposes then they don’t know me very well.