This is about the fourth attempt at going camping already this summer but for various reasons it has been postponed each time. The weather this week has been miserably wet but today the blue skies are out and it’s predicted to improve over the next couple of days so tomorrow my mate and I are meeting a couple of other mates and going camping back up at River Island. For the other two it will be the first time they’ve camped nude at River Island. It was a random conversation with one of them yesterday that sparked the idea of them joining us. They’d been looking for somewhere to go camping and I said we were going nude camping. They are both comfortable nude so it will be great to have them along.

Getting out of this rain soaked city will be great too after days of going crazy stuck indoors. Within a few hours of leaving Sydney tomorrow afternoon we will be naked in the bush and relaxing very enthusiastically.

The photos above are me from a trip to River Island about five years ago. I thought I was out of shape then. It’s only gotten worse!