There are a bunch of photography concepts floating around in my head but after a couple of mediocre (at best) photo shoots in the past month or two I’m struggling for confidence and creativity.

The weather we are having this week in Sydney is not helping my mood and I think part of it is me just having a sulk but I want to create beautiful images and I’m not feeling a strong pull towards any one idea or direction at the moment. Once we go back to work I will have access to the office studio from time to time and I’m sure this weather will clear up eventually so that I can get outside and photograph a beautiful man or two out in nature.

Something else has been bothering me. Looking at some of the photography going around on various blogs that focus on male figure and fashion photography, there is a lot of beautiful creative imagery that is unrecognised while uncreative and technically lacking photography is celebrated merely because of the hot guy in it or because there is full frontal nudity. My mother keeps telling me when I mention that I don’t really sell many prints at all that it’s a niche market and maybe I should try landscapes. Maybe she’s right. The photographs I take of men aren’t for the walls of most houses.

The trouble is, I’m not great at landscapes and I’d rather just satisfy myself creatively with the odd fail rather than create imagery that doesn’t satisfy me just for the sales.

Freedom Trailer from Brenton Parry on Vimeo.